Company Overview

International Integrated Power Company (IIPC) is a Saudi Arabia based Solar Energy System Company specializing in Residential, Commercial and Utility Scale Solar Systems. Our expertise, creativity and passion in Solar Business together generates greater value for our Customers.

Information Center

The data center is the main center for all the information you need to complete your work to the fullest.

Commercial Solar

Solar energy has become one of the most important sources of energy in the world. We are doing all we can to take advantage of this energy.


The ease of installation is what gives us the speed of performance and quality with great professionalism.

IIP energy independence

The panels are equipped to absorb the maximum amount of energy, you should start using this free energy.

What We Do

Solar Energy Installation

We install solar energy and ensure support and power supply.

Home Energy Saving

We are building an integrated home energy conservation system

After Sales Service

We do after sales service to make sure that all things are working properly